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Corona and Ca Piero

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Ca Piero offers numerous advantages, especially in difficult times
of the Pademie:

Exclusive rental: only you, that is, your family, friends and
  Well known are guests in Ca Piero. There are no other
  foreign guests present.

Large pool: The large pool is a great alternative to the beach
  by the sea. Save yourself crowded beaches and costs.

Child-friendly: Ca Piero is a paradise for children. Here will
  it never gets boring. The playground, nature, the pool and,
  if it rains, the games room (billiards, table football, etc.)
  offer children many opportunities

Secluded location:
   You can always enjoy the grandiose panoramic view in Ca Piero,
   without you being disturbed.

Hygiene: A professional cleaning
   company and laundry make sure that the rooms, the bed linen
   and towels are hygienically perfect. We will also provide disinfectants
   for you upon arrival.

No booking risk: Please read our attached file
  which you can find here (see button "DOWNLOAD") - above.




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Holiday House Ca' Piero

Provincial Road Peglio-S.Donato, 17

61029 Urbino (PU)

Marche - ITALY

Whatsapp (Text messages): 0049 171 493 999 3 Whatsapp 37229

Please inquire preferably by e-mail

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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